Vaissi Family Society


This is the home page of the Vaissi family society. The family originally lived in Central Finland, 100-200 km north of Helsinki. The first known ancestors lived in the 15th century. In order to limit the number of members to a reasonable size, the family society begins to count generations from Pietari Vaissi who lived in 1761-1838. The number of his descendants is nowadays over 2000. The aim of this home page is to be a connecting link and an information channel for the members of the family in Finland and abroad.

 Our family society was founded in 1986. The first task was to make a genealogy. This was done by Matti Kankaanpää, a skilled genealogist. The results were published in our family book and complemented 10 years later. It was found that during the past 200 years plenty of persons have moved abroad, especially to America. Often they or their descendants later disappeared and we have no information about their stages of live. It may happen that you reader are seeking your roots. Examine the pages of our family trees. If you think that you may belong to the Vaissi family, please, contact our society by E- mail 

Because of limited demand it is not yet necessary to write parallel English pages. However if YOU are a non-Finnish speaking person interrested in Vaissi family society matters, do not hesitate to request or ask improvement to this. Just use the Ota yhteyttä / Contact Us and write.